The Ottawa Mosque near Tunney's Pasture and the downtown Islam Care Centre were recently targeted for vandalism. Meghan Newman, Centretown News

Man charged with vandalism at mosque, Islam Care Centre found not criminally responsible

By Meaghan Richens

An Ottawa man has been found not criminally responsible for vandalism incidents at the Islam Care Centre on Somerset Street West and the Ottawa Mosque on Northwestern Avenue last spring.

Shawn Le Guerrier, 28, had been charged with wilfully promoting hatred, uttering threats and several counts of mischief in connection with the attacks on April 12 and April 25, respectively, the Ottawa Citizen reported.

Le Guerrier was found not criminally responsible for his actions by Justice Robert Graydon at his trial in December.

In an unrelated incident, Ottawa Police were also investigating a possible hate crime at a mosque in the city’s West End last week.

White supremacist graffiti and posters of Adolf Hitler were found on the Jami Omar mosque in Bells Corners early in the morning on Jan. 30.

The investigation into the incident began just a day after the first anniversary of the mass shooting at the Islamic Cultural Centre in Quebec City, in which six people were killed and 19 others injured.

City councillor Rick Chiarelli took to Twitter to condemn the local incident.

“Disappointed to see racist posters on our mosque in Bells Corners,” wrote Chiarelli.

“This is unacceptable and we all condemn it. Hopefully another thing that can be prevented if we establish a strong Neighbourhood Watch,” Chiarelli added, referencing a drive to create a watch group in the west-end Ottawa community.