Courtesy Ottawa Music Industry Coalition

Applications open for city’s ‘on hold’ music

By Saskia Rodenburg

The initiative known as #ottmusik, which brings local music to the City of Ottawa’s phone system, is now accepting submissions for 2018.

Ottawa singers, bands and other musicians are invited to submit their music samples for consideration. The hold music for the City of Ottawa phone lines will feature the tunes of local artists whose submissions are chosen.

The initiative, which was introduced in 2015, has received more than 200 submissions and has showcased music from 50 artists. The goal of the initiative is to show appreciation for local musicians and allow them to reach a broader audience.

Musicians who are interested can submit their work for consideration until March 12 through an application form on the City of Ottawa website.  Those who submit their music must live within 150 kilometres of Ottawa.

Submissions must have no profanity or discriminatory language and must contain original music. Applicants can only make one submission.

A committee of professional musicians in the Ottawa area will review the submissions and recommend 25 songs to use on the City’s phone system for one year. The songs will be chosen based on artistic merit, diversity, community involvement and content.

The music will start being played on phone lines this spring.